The advantages

5 advantages of the swim platform ultra

Discover what makes the swim platform ultra manufacturer # 1 in Canada. In a viewing you will better understand how the swim platform ultra is the solution for your boat.
In addition to providing a ”factory look” the famous swim platform ultra offer security, comfort and the pleasure of a lightweight boat extension.

  1. The swim platform ultra secures access to the boat and reduces the risk of falls or injury to the loading and unloading thereof, whether from a dock or from the water. In addition, the platform is provided with a non-slip surface reducing the risk of slipping.
  2. The swim platform ultra is the perfect way to expand your space aboard without having to buy a bigger boat. You can easily place chairs, a BBQ, a small table. You can also use it for sunbathing or soak your feet in the water and enjoy the view.
  3. The swim platform ultra is easy to accessorize either by putting the cleats, a BBQ stand, Drink holder, handles. This allows you to take full advantage of the extra space.
  4. The swim platform ultra is the only swim platforms company offering a guarantee of 15 years. Indeed, the guarantee reflects the quality of our products that are made of 100% fiberglass. This avoids the risk of rot which is found with the wooden platforms covered of fiberglass.
  5. The swim platform ultra is the lightest on the market. With an average weight of 60lbs. Which give you the opportunity of loading the boat of usefull things instead of aving the impression of carrying an elephant on the back of your boat. Our swim platforms won’t affect the fuel consumption and this is not unbalancing your boat. . The swim platform ultra is also very resistant, it can support up to 700lbs. However, it is not recommended to put too much weight on the back of the boat.


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